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How to bet online in Parimatch

Parimatch mirror

Bookmakers create mirrors so that residents can make online betting, since in some countries PariMatch is blocked.

The mirror is an alternative site address, so if you see strange in the address bar, don't be afraid. It is the bookmakers themselves who use special generators to create alternative accesses to their sites. How to find the PariMatch mirror? It is very easy!

Write in the search engine "Pari Match mirror" or "actual Pari Match mirror" and in the very first links you will see what you need. True, after a while this link will be broken, and you will need to search again.

PariMatch Betting Online

One of the most important points of the review. How to place a bet in a Pari Match. Let's point by point:

  • Select a sport in the leftmost column. For example, football.
  • In the list that opens below, select (check the box in the special field) the championship you are interested in or several.
  • Click on the match you are interested in to get access to the list.
  • Select the rate you want.
  • If you have several matches that you want to bet on, do the same with another match.
  • In the upper right corner, click the button to place a bet.
  • In the window that opens, enter the bet amount, select the type of bet (single, express, system) and click on the "Place a bet" button again.

PariMatch also has a good mobile application and a mobile version, through which it is convenient to place bets if there is no access to a computer.

Mobile version of the Parimatch website

This is a real advantage for mobile players, providing the same quality as the same exceptional online betting experience found on mobile apps.

The overall layout and presentation for mobile is outstanding and has the same betting options as their dedicated apps and PC site.

Generally, performance is excellent and each page loads quickly with navigation.

But it's important to understand that it has to do with your internet speed and the capabilities of your mobile device.

You can place bets on matches both before they start (the so-called prematch) and during the game - betting online or live /

How to withdraw money from Parimatch

First, of course, you have to win them. If this happened to you and you want to withdraw, then you are also unlikely to face something difficult. The procedure is very similar to depositing money. Press the same Deposit / Withdrawal button, choose a convenient withdrawal method, specify the amount.

Again, the minimum withdrawal amounts depend on the withdrawal method. You can look at the minimum and maximum withdrawal amount by hovering over the withdrawal method button. Under the yellow "Order" button, you will see the minimum / maximum withdrawal amount, commission and order processing time.

Important! You can withdraw money only to the card with which you replenished. If, for example, you lose the card with which you replenished and start a new one, then in order to withdraw money to it, you will need to go through a rather lengthy procedure. Also, the option "this is a card of my wife, mother-in-law, etc." will not work.

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